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Opinion: Why President Trump may be bad for America but good for the rest of the world

The new US President is creating anxiety across the world with his unconventional approach and determination to make "America Great Again" and put “America first” by any means necessary. While one can acknowledge that America is already great and already at “first” position, it is important to note that the new US President and his supporters do not feel that America is paying enough attention to itself. Being “first” can mean different things to different people. From an extroverted perspective, being “first” means using your power and influence to take care of other less powerful and less resourced nations, and they in turn look up to you for support in time of need. From an introverted perspective, being “first” means competing with the rest by taking care of my own business and focusing on my own priorities to be the number one. Others should go sort things out for themselves.

Over the decades, the world has grown accustomed to the extroverted America. The one that has become so powerful that it found no issues in being its brother’s keeper. It has demonstrated that it will stand up for the weak and vulnerable in the free world. The world has accepted this status quo.

However, the world has become complacent in looking up to America for support as the undisputed superpower. It has taken for granted that the US will always be there for them. Therefore, when President Trump said he will put “America first” in order to make America “Great Again”, the world goes into panic and confusion. Does it mean that he will abandon all commitments to support others? He has indicated that under his leadership, America will be looking inwards in improving its lot. It longer wants to be its brother’s keeper. It no longer wants to be the sole superpower, the moral authority to stand up for the free world. The message is clear: You’re on your own.

By shacking it’s responsibilities, America may end up becoming weaker, not stronger. It will become just another developed country with very little influence on other nations. By alienating itself, it will lose its de-facto superpower status.

It’s now time for nations to stand up for themselves, at least, until a new superpower emerges in the new world order. To maintain order, the world does needs a leader. But, who is going to fill the void?

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