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The Mosquito ringtone: Does your hearing ability match your age?

Does your hearing ability match your age? It may not be what you think. But, don't panic! You're not alone.

With the iPod generation, loud music and the level of partying, our ears can be much older than the rest of our bodies!

Find out for yourself at

Age to Hear Tone Play  / Download Tone
8khz Everyone Play The 8khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
10khz 60 & Younger Play The 10khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
12khz 50 & Younger Play The 12khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
14.1khz 49 & Younger Play The 14.1khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
14.9khz 39 & Younger Play The 14.9khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
15.8khz 30 & Younger Play The 15.8khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
16.7khz < 24 Play The 16.7khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
17.7khz < 24 Play The 17.7khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
18.8khz < 24 Play The 18.8khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
19.8khz < 24 Play The 19.8khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
21.1khz < 24 Play The 21.1khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)
22.4khz < 24 Play The 22.4khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)


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