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Book review: "Status Anxiety" - by Alain de Botton

"Status Anxiety", a very inspiring and provocative piece of documentary by Alain de Botton.

It explores the pressures of modern life and its impact on human's self esteem - in pursuit of wealth and happiness.
In expressing "self esteem" as directly proportional to "success" and inversely proportional to "expectations", implies that the more society puts pressure on people to succeed, the more their expectations increase. "Self esteem" therefore becomes elusive.

If those at the top merit their success, can one say that those at the bottom also merit their failure?

While searching for this interesting book, I stumbled upon the following video clips on Youtube. So enjoy!

"Status Anxiety" - part 1

"Status Anxiety" - part 2

"Status Anxiety" - part 3

"Status Anxiety" - part 4

"Status Anxiety" - part 5

"Status Anxiety" - part 6

"Status Anxiety" - part 7

"Status Anxiety" - part 8

"Status Anxiety" - part 9

"Status Anxiety" - part 10

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