Sunday, May 10, 2015

Celebrating Mother's Day: Happy Mother's Day to our wonderful mothers

I was looking for some inspirational quote for Mother's Day, and I came across this one that truly nailed it:

"A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary." ― Dorothy Canfield Fisher

This is so true.

I lost my mother in 2008, over seven years ago. At that time, I just could not get to terms with the fact that she's gone. That I will no longer see her when I visit. That I will not be able to call and speak with her. I always looked forward to those weekend calls, for if I miss them, she will call to find out if everything was OK with me. It took me some time to resist the urge of picking the phone and calling, only to remind myself that she's no longer there. It was those discussions about sweet nothing that meant so much and kept us together.

As we grow older, move on with our lives, and move away from our parents, sometimes to distant places, the continuous presence of our mothers disappears. What continues to guide is the foundation that was built - teaching us to stand on our feet and not having to lean on someone. We grow up to be independent people. That's the true essence of motherhood. That's why I find this quote to be "right on the mark" for recognizing and celebrating our mothers.

Happy Mother's Day to my mother, my wife, and all you wonderful mothers out there who go out of your way everyday to make leaning unnecessary.

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