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Creating a culture of peace through Education

Ignorance is a killer. If you fail to educate your child and yourself, you're breeding a potential killer.
Give PEACE a chance by giving EDUCATION a chance.

Think about this...

"The world spends almost twice as much on weapons in one day than the United Nations spends for our global mission of peace, human rights and development in one year." - UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon

"To fundamentally tackle the roots of conflict, we need to promote an understanding of our common humanity. We need a culture that upholds human dignity and human life.

We are here to talk about how to create this culture of peace.
I have a simple, one-word answer: education.
Through education, we teach children not to hate.
Through education, we raise leaders who act with wisdom and compassion.
Through education, we establish a true, lasting culture of peace."

- excerpts from the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon's speech to the General Assembly High-Level Forum on the Culture of Peace …

Islam, the West and Terrorism

Which statement is correct:?
Islam AND the WestIslam VERSUS the WestIslam IN the West I choose the 3rd statement.

One cannot compare ISLAM (a global religion) to the WEST (a group of nations). By trying to make comparisons between these different entities, we are already creating confusion in people's minds. We are already creating the impression that these are two opposing entities and one has to choose either one or the other, but not both. You are either for ISLAM or you are for the WEST. This view is dangerously misleading. This is not the case and should not be the case.
This fundamentalist view (on Islam versus the West) is the root cause of our modern day problem where religious tolerance is no longer acceptable.

The recent incidence of the release of the movie mocking Muslims around the world and the subsequent reaction from the Muslim world is a case of religious intolerance which borders on fundamentalism and terrorism.

The actions and the reactions should be condemned in…

Malaria Nearly Eliminated in Sri Lanka Despite Decades of Conflict |

"Despite nearly three decades of conflict, Sri Lanka has succeeded in reducing malaria cases by 99.9 percent since 1999 and is on track to eliminate the disease entirely by 2014."

Other countries can learn from this positive lesson. Sri Lanka is showing us that it is possible to eliminate malaria. But, please keep the momentum this time and avoid the mistakes of 1963 during the era of global eradication. The lack of commitment lead to failure of eradication in the developing world.

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Malaria Nearly Eliminated in Sri Lanka Despite Decades of Conflict |