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UNSG Ban urges global leaders gathered at UN to 'shape the world of tomorrow'

UN Secretary General's speech to the General Assembly
"We must invest in people — particularly in education and women’s and children’s health. Development is not sustainable unless it is equitable and serves all people." - Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General
Ban urges global leaders gathered at UN to 'shape the world of tomorrow' Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses world leaders gathering for the high-level debate of the 66th General Assembly Session
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Remembering 9/11: 2001 plus 10 - what next?

Ten years ago on this day, I was attending radio communication training in our office in Islamabad, Pakistan. I remember a colleague coming into the room and whispering to some of us that there was a terrible accident in New York. A plane has crashed into the Wall Trade Center.

While still trying to digest this info - imagining how a plane could be flying at such low altitude in the first place, we received another notification a few moments later, that a second plane has crashed into the other tower. It doesn't look like an accident anymore! This was when it became clear that something terrible has happened that will forever change the way we live, the way we travel, the way we come to view and understand terrorism.

A few hours later, as it became apparent that this was a terrorist attack, we were asked to return to our hotels and wait for further instructions. What struck me the most was that on walking back to my hotel with some colleagues, we observed people glued to TV sets on …