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Babelgum comedy: United Nations Home Security system

[strictly for laughs!]

brought to you  by Babelgum comedy

"The United Nations now offers your home the same security that countries have enjoyed for years. If your house is broken into, they will send unarmed observers to watch the burglars and then spend months debating the appropriate nonbinding resolution. "

Dakar, Darker, Darkest!

A few months ago, I posted an article on my blog about the city of Dakar getting "darker". I mentioned that it was not the darkest city in Africa but it was getting darker.

Well, a few months down the line, it seems to be winning the title of becoming the darkest city. Thanks to the massive construction works that's taking place and the lack of growth in the energy sector, Dakar is well on its way to becoming the champion of darkness.

In the past, electrical power generators were luxurious optional extras for those who can afford it and do not want to be inconvenienced by the rather infrequent power cuts. Oh, how times have changed! Now, the sounds of generators humming away - day and night - are the new sounds of Dakar. The power cuts are so frequent and lasts for so long that you may now need another backup generator for what was supposed to be the backup generator.

For the past two days - 48 hours - we had about 5 power cuts each lasting for hours, with a total availa…

The Mosquito ringtone: Does your hearing ability match your age?

Does your hearing ability match your age? It may not be what you think. But, don't panic! You're not alone.

With the iPod generation, loud music and the level of partying, our ears can be much older than the rest of our bodies!

Find out for yourself at

Frequency Age to Hear TonePlay  / Download Tone8khzEveryonePlay The 8khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)10khz60 & YoungerPlay The 10khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)12khz50 & YoungerPlay The 12khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)14.1khz49 & YoungerPlay The 14.1khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)14.9khz39 & YoungerPlay The 14.9khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)15.8khz30 & YoungerPlay The 15.8khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)16.7khz< 24Play The 16.7khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)17.7khz< 24Play The 17.7khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)18.8khz< 24Play The 18.8khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)19.8khz< 24Play The 19.8khz Tone
(Right-Click to Download)21.1khz< 24Play The 2…