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Japan's triple tragedy

Japan has been hit with a three in one - earthquake, tsunami and on the verge of a nuclear disaster. Can it get any worse than this?

With the very moving images on TV, you wonder how a country could handle such tragedy and recover from it. The resilience of the Japanese people is being tested once again. Their commitment, sacrifice, sense of unity and common purpose, all comes to bear when handling these series of tragic events. The world has a lot to learn from Japan.

We have observed people making every effort to deal with the crisis instead of trying to find someone to blame. We have observed how people sacrifice their lives to try to put a stop to this nuclear disaster and save as many lives as possible. We have observed ordinary people going about their business and trying to help in whatever way they can without any fuss and no looting of property and shops. We have observed discipline in action as people go to stores and accept the reduced rations so that their friends and neig…